Enjoying wildlife trails doesn’t need much planning or long time off work. Even a short escape to nature brings joy.

Taking pictures of wildlife, finding your creative side, and printing fine art photos of your work increases that joy.

I offer the chance to learn professional wildlife photography from home. My timings are flexible, and you can set the pace of your course to fit your schedule and learning speed.

The professional wildlife photography course has 4 sessions of 90 minutes each. You will learn how to use your camera in manual mode and set it to take sharp images in tricky wildlife situations, such as birds in flight, animals in action, or in low light. There is a special focus on telling stories through your wildlife photos. Please see my portfolio of animals, birds, and amphibians and reptiles to see what you can achieve.

How can the wildlife photography course benefit me?

A good wildlife photographer stirs emotions with their pictures. To achieve this, it’s crucial to fully understand your camera and handle big telephoto lenses. This course also covers the basics of editing RAW images.

If you have booked a wildlife safari and don’t have enough time to complete the entire wildlife photography course before you leave, you can choose a short crash course.

Please tell me more about your interest in learning wildlife photography through the form below, and I will contact you to discuss further.

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