In Your Photography Quest, Here’s Why I’m the Answer

In my two decades of teaching photography, I’ve noticed a common desire among students to uncover hidden truths about themselves through their photos.

My duty is to swiftly provide them with a simple system, allowing them to see results immediately, rather than inundating them with theories. I’ve mastered this method, guiding individuals personally through live video sessions, accessible from any location of your choice.

More about my photography courses

The complete beginner’s photography course, perfect for enthusiasts interested in people and portraits, travel and landscapes, as well as street photography and architecture, features four 90-minute sessions. Likewise, the basic wildlife photography training also consists of four 90-minute sessions.

Plus, there’s a fifth session at the very end to conclude and outline future plans.

This structured programme can be tailored to your needs and completed in four days or extended over three weeks, giving you ample time to thoroughly complete your daily assignments.

Now, if you’re off on a safari and clueless about your camera, I’ve got a quick fix. A tailored crash course in wildlife photography. One or two days of Zoom magic, and you’ll be safari-ready.


Who should consider enrolling in this course?

The photography course welcomes enthusiasts worldwide, whether you’re pursuing it as a hobby, incorporating it into your student work, or aiming for professional development. It’s an inclusive space for all passionate about documenting moments through the lens. Join in, regardless of your photography aspirations!

What’s covered in the basic workshop?

Becoming a good photographer means knowing what makes a photo great, understanding your camera inside out, and taking pictures that people love. I’ll also teach you the basics of editing RAW images.

How can the wildlife photography course benefit me?

A good wildlife photographer stirs emotions with their pictures. To achieve this, it’s crucial to fully understand your camera and handle big telephoto lenses. This course also covers the basics of editing RAW images.

Could you provide more details about the crash course in wildlife photography?

In roughly three hours, I’ll explain how your camera functions and give you handy shortcuts for clicking sharp safari photos. No need to worry about technical details. After your trip, we can have another session to review, edit, and print your images, or you can learn more about the fundamentals of wildlife photography in greater depth.

If you like how I work, drop me an email using the form. I’ll ask a few basic questions to see if we match up.

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